Our Story

Cali & Lou are selling Nordic design inspired baby and children goods which have been carefully selected by two cousins and moms Sandy and Vicky, who both grew up in Antwerp (Belgium) and are now living in Hong Kong. 

Their little ones were always putting everything in their mouth. Which baby doesn't? With so many chemicals used in baby products, they believed it was necessary to do their own research to ensure that there were no nasties in the products given to their babies. Moreover, Sandy's daughter developed eczema and therefore it was also important to know what chemicals were used in the fabrics that were put on her skin.

After much research and endless conversations on baby products, they thought there was a need to share what they like and use for their own kids with the world. Hence, Cali & Lou company was born. 

Their mission is to offer eco-friendly and baby safe products for the little humans on this planet, keeping functionality, simplicity and aesthetics in mind. 

Parents can always have a peace of mind on what their little bub put in their mouth and on their skin when using Cali & Lou products.

Sending Love,

Sandy & Vicky